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10 Reasons He Hasn’t Said I Love You Yet

Just because he hasn’t said it, doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t feel it. Here are 10 reasons he hasn’t said I Love You yet.
Jessica Kohl on July 3, 2014 - 9:48 pm in Relationship Advice
  1. He’s not ready to say it.
  2. He’s been hurt before.
  3. He’s never said it.
  4. He’s afraid you won’t say it back.
  5. He’s waiting for a perfect moment.
  6. He thinks it’s too soon.
  7. He thinks it’ll make him too vulnerable.
  8. He’s not ready to get serious yet.
  9. He’s waiting for you to say it first.
  10. He doesn’t love you.

Just because he hasn’t said it, doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t feel it. When is the right time to say, “I Love You”? Too soon could make her think that there’s absolutely no way that you can fall in love that fast. Besides, if you fell in love that fast, how long will it take to fall out? If he extends it, she might think she is wasting her time with this one, he doesn’t love me, will he ever? So, be cautious, it has to be perfect timing.

According to research, men are the first to say it 61% of the time. It seems that he considers saying it a full 6 weeks earlier than a woman does. Men start thinking about saying those magical words about 3 months into the relationship, which he has had time to get to know his partner and should have a pretty good idea of his feelings. If he says that he loves you after just a few weeks, you might want to consider his motives. Does he want sex, a roommate, a cook, a maid, or is he just lonely?

On the other hand, if it takes 6 months or so, he has some sort of problem as well. Is he scared of commitment? Is he leading you on or just using you? If it takes this long, you might want to get a petal and start plucking them with, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Hey, you’d get a more direct answer than he has given you.

Honestly, I think it’s more his actions than his words that mean the most. You will be able to tell his true feelings before he ever says them. If he treats you with respect, that certainly says what kind of man that he is. As long as the two of you get along and compromise, maybe it’s not time to hear the words yet. 

Does he want to take care of you and make you happy? If he has committed himself to you to the point of helping you physically, financially, and emotionally, why are you in such a hurry to hear the words? You are still going to have bad days, it’s nature, but if he tries his best to make everyday special for you, don’t rush him. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Has he introduced you to everyone special to him and wants you to be a part of them? He wants his family to fall in love with you the same way that he has. When he talks about his future, does he talk about I, me, or myself? If all that has been replaced with we or us, the words are coming  soon enough. One thing's for sure, if it takes him a little time to say it cause he is weighing everything out, when he does finally tell you, there will be no doubt in your mind that he truly means it.

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