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3 First Date Outfits For Guys

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Theres enough excitement and anxiety swimming around before a first date than worrying about your look. Luckily you don't have to be a fashionista to look good just follow these 3 outfit essentials for every dating occasion and you will be golden.
Jessica Kohl on June 3, 2014 - 8:27 pm in Dating Tips, First Date

There are plenty of articles advising what the best first date outfits are for girls. So lets flip the coin and give some guidance to the guy-folk out there who are looking to impress a special lady. Date attire really depends on your personality, the personality of your date, and the venue. Here are 4 first date options to make your night a little more smooth:

Fancy Date

Fancy attire is usually a must for an evening out. If your going to a fancy restaurant or lounge, wedding, art show or dancing . Its a good idea to wear a blazer and have the ability to peel down to a nice dress shirt. Wear some well fitted slacks and accessorize with wristwatch, belt, and nicely primped hair.

Semi Casual

Think of the Semi casual outfit as the casual one but with a little bit of style juice. Your still going to wear a pair of jeans that fit will but instead of a classic T you should wear a button up or pull over.  The semi casual style code is in order when you are likely to be seen in public and want to impress your date. Think: a nice dinner, meeting her for drinks,  shopping or checking out an exhibit. 

Casual Date

Jeans and a  T are a great choice for a casual date. If you are going to the movies or chilling in the park then you want to be comfortable and focused on our date. Pick one of your favorite t-shirts with a color that looks good on your skin ( if your pale don't wear white) . This is a good time to showcase a little character; maybe a band T, sports team, or funny saying .  Stay away from the rude ones though she might not know you well enough yet. 

Pair it with a hoodie or zip up if its a cool day. Girls love to snuggle into a soft sweatshirt.  Just because its casual though that doesn't mean sloppy. Wear clean shoes, accessorize accordingly,  and do your hair .

Don't stress about your outfit all night; just be confident and attentive. May the fashion force be with you. 

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