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5 Easy Steps To Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

5 Steps To Finding A V-Day Date!
Jessica Kohl on February 13, 2014 - 9:32 pm in Dating Tips


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have no partner to share declarations of love with? There’s no use in getting frustrated when seeing tens of couples everywhere you look. Instead, you can try your luck because Valentine’s Day is one of the most favorable events when it comes to starting a new relationship. There’s no time for melancholy. Here’s what you should do instead:


1.      Adopt a Positive Attitude

Even if your morale is down, if you wish to get a date on Valentine’s Day, you need to find the inner force to smile be dynamic and not think about your former sentimental failures. Nobody wants to spend time with someone who emanates negative energy . After ensuring that you seem confident enough and you love and respect yourself, you are ready to go on the actual hunt.

2.      Be Where People Are

Staying at home will not bring you new people in your life. In order to get a date, you must spend time among people and mingle. So, try going to parties, clubs, restaurants, and don’t neglect the cultural side of life. Museums, cooking or dancing courses, libraries, wine tastings and sport events are highly recommended, especially if you expect a certain degree of experience and intelligence from your future date. Make sure you meet your friends’ friends, because most people meet through mutual acquaintances.

3.      Talk To People

When in public, watch your manners. Don’t act antisocial, don’t mistreat waiters, don’t pick your nose. Always be polite, dress nicely, look fresh; think that people permanently watch and notice you, which is why you need to make a good impression from the beginning. Thus, you increase chances of turning heads and receiving date invites from people who are absolutely mesmerized by your appearance.


4.      Go Online

Maybe you are shy and feel more comfortable when socializing online. In the virtual world, you should look for partners who live close to you. Chances of someone traveling from far away for Valentine’s Day are pretty small. Go to Crush  and make a free profile. Offer as many details as possible on your profile. If you specify that you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day date, you will be surprised to see how many people are on the same track with you. The more ambiguous you are in specifications, the less visible your profile is. Then, update the profile with recent pictures. Studies show that by doing so, you have 8 times more chances to find a date.



5.      Throw a party yourself

Make it a big party, particularly thrown for single people. Tell everybody to bring another single person along. Since it is Valentine’s Day, people feel more festive and are more opened to love. It is impossible not to meet some interesting people. If you don’t dispose of space to do this, consider speed dating. Such events are commonly organized during this period. By going to speed dating, you are certain that you meet new people. It is convenient for those who don’t like to put too much effort in finding a date.

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