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5 Fun Things To Do This St. Patricks Day

Jessica Kohl on March 17, 2014 - 5:33 pm in Dating Tips

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday that has defied the odds and gone beyond the boundaries of religion and culture to be celebrated all over the world. An Irish holiday turned party, St. Patrick’s Day marks one of the best chances for singles to get loose, meet new friends and have fun!


A popular way many people  mark St. Patrick’s Day all over the world is through hitting the streets and joining the local parade. These are always fun filled and perfectly suited for singles where it is easy to meet and mingle. Parades are exciting  and offer a perfect setting for bumping into a special someone.


Participate In A Parade

Drink Green Beer

The theme color for St. Patrick’s Day is green and going a few steps ahead in enhancing the theme is always perfect. On this day, a few pints of green beer with friends would be right in the spirit of the holiday. Drinking anything Irish and green this day is a great way to mingle, though it all should be done in moderation.


St. Pats might be the only day where is is normal (an awesome) to eat green pancakes. Green food is all over the place in local pubs . If you can’t find one cooking with your own food colouring is a fun option too. You can try green Irish pancakes, corned beef or anything green. There tons of recipes online that with help you get your green going.  You can stick to the popular Irish dishes such as cabbages and corn beef or green pancake provided that the food and drinks match the theme of the party. At the very least order a salad!


Go Green On Meals Too!

Throw  A Patty's Day Party

Throwing a party for your friends can never be a bad idea. Since St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty basic party there isn't much prep work. Main point here is to remember to have Irish dishes and BEER. Have an all green party and invite your friends and their friends. Serve green beer, green salad, avocados, green Jello shots, green apples, anything you can come up with. Ask everyone to bring a green food. Don't forget the Kegs for Keg Stands!! 

St. Patrick’s Day would be incomplete if you do not dress up for it. Try green lays, make your own tshirts with Irish slogans, hats, glasses, socks , everything. You can make matching couples outfits, get a group together, or fly solo.  Good thing about getting a costume for St. Patrick’s Day is that it lasts through several years and you can be sorted out for the next festivals ahead. If you don’t want to be rejected you better be wearing green!


Wear Green

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