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5 Things Your Doing That Crush His Ego

Jessica Kohl on April 23, 2014 - 9:58 pm in Dating Tips, Relationship Advice

Women have a lot more power in relationships and in life than in previous generations. While you love that liberation, it’s important to be conscious of how your partner feels, too. Of course he wants you to be happy and fulfilled, but you need to let him feel like a manly man on occaision. There are things some women do that can crush a man's ego and make him feel two inches tall. Here are some ways you can take charge without emasculating him.



Never Belittle His Career

Many people are emotionally invested in their jobs, to the point where it actually becomes part of their identity. Whether it’s “I’m a dentist”, “I’m a mechanic”, or “I’m a short order cook”, this is a part of who they are. If you make fun of your man’s job even if he already does, or put it down as something unworthy, then it is basically an attack on him and his manhood. You will hurt his feelings, and he will be upset with you.


Ask Him For Help And Let Him Help

If you ask a guy for help, and he follows through to assist with what you need, then you need to accept his help and show appreciation. If he steps in to help, and then you decide to go ahead and do it your own way instead or critique his method, it shows that you do not value his contribution. This undermines that you trust him and it undermines your relationship. It also makes him less likely to step up and help the next time you need something.


Don't Micromanage

People love their freedom. That includes the freedom to do things their own way, the freedom from having somebody boss them around when they are not at work, and occasionally the freedom to sit around watching sports all day. If you try to micromanage him: telling him what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, then you will become a source of resentment and that will turn into an issue for your relationship.

Don’t Say Somebody Else Could Do It Better

Despite all of the tricks you’ve heard or read about making him jealous to ignite his fire. That’s not healthy fire. Your man may not be the absolute best fence builder out there, but when it’s his house he feels like it’s his territory, and he wants to take care of it. When he decides to build that fence himself, he sees it as his responsibility, as well as a challenge. This is not the time to undermine him by saying you could call a handyman who could surely do a better job. That will not go over well. Instead, sit back grab some lemonade and let him tackle the project- be prepared to admire the “fantastic” results. He may need help with it, but let that be his decision, not yours.


Remember He Has Feelings, Too

It’s easy to think that women are the emotional gender, since men are trained since childhood to show it less than women. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings too. Of course they do! After you’ve been together awhile you may know the exact buttons to push to get a reaction from him. There are many times when it’s better to just leave something unsaid. After all, even the most macho men have feelings, and if you hurt his feelings it’s not good for your relationship.


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