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6 Reasons You Should Date A Yoga Girl

Jessica Kohl on March 11, 2014 - 5:38 pm in Dating Tips

Do you know a yoga girl? The kind who takes off every day after work with her yoga mat in hand? Have you ever noticed how women who practice yoga are a little bit different? They walk through a room with a certain grace and flexibility, and seem to be happy inside, with true peace of mind.

Is this for real? Yoga may seem like an oddity, an awkward system that requires bending yourself into ridiculous positions, or sitting cross-legged on the floor with your eyes closed for hours. So what’s the big deal? Why would you want to date a woman who does yoga or Pilates? Here are a few great reasons.

1. She’s Easy Going 

Yoga is all about going with the flow - the flow of your breath, the flow of the movements, and the flow of life. It’s not like high adrenaline mountain biking, or aggressive, take-out-your-frustrations kickboxing. Sure, those activities will whip you into shape, but the yoga girl is laid back and relaxed, and that makes a relationship to much easier.

2. She Handles Stress Well

Yoga has a centering and calming effect. It teaches you to focus on your breathing and stay centered, even while you’re standing on your hands with your legs twisted together. If she can stay calm in these circumstances, just think how well she can handle relationship stress. Issues that would bring another woman to a dramatic outburst leave her unruffled. She’ll just do some deep breathing and carry on.

3. She’s Present & Focused

Yoga teaches you to be in the present, and focus on the here and now. Sometimes that’s as simple as sitting in a dark room focusing on the word “Om”, or thinking about the air that’s moving in and out of your lungs. With this kind of focus, when you’re together, you’ll know her attention is one hundred percent on you.

4. She’s Into A Healthy Life

Keeping your body fit and toned is only part of this, though it’s an aspect that guys certainly appreciate! A yoga girl wants to nourish her body and soul, so she seeks out healthy food and healthy relationships. Ice cream binges, or self destructive relationships just aren’t for her. If you want a relationship that makes you both happy, a yoga girl can make that happen.

5. She’s Strong

Yoga brings strength, both physically and mentally. People may joke that yoga isn’t a workout, but that’s far from the truth. Just try holding those difficult poses, and you’ll see! It also engenders mental and emotional strength. Flexibility doesn’t just happen - it takes months of work, and a lot of patience, dedication, and maturity to achieve results. A successful relationship takes work, too, and those same qualities are building blocks.

6. She’s flexible

All those limbering and stretching exercises she does could come in handy, in so many fun ways! Just watch her go through a workout routine, and you’re sure to get some ideas. You probably can’t wait to get home and try them out. With her strong body and easy-going attitude, you could be in for a lot of fun experiments!

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