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7 Signs He’s Just That Into You

Jessica Kohl on March 6, 2014 - 11:15 pm in Dating Tips, Relationship Advice

It’s the age old question. Does he like you? Is he really into you, or just stringing you along?  Probably the ancient Romans had the same questions as they played the boy-meets-girl dating game.  Fortunately, there are some sure signs that can give you the answer. Stop guessing! Check out your guy against these tips to see if he’s really into you.


#1. No Disappearing Acts 

You know - the kind of thing where he’s just off the radar for a few days, and then reappears with no explanation. When a guy is sometimes there, sometimes not, he’s not really into you.  A guy who is will be there, and if he’s off-line for a few days, he’ll have a good reason for it.


#2. He Comes Up With Fun Things To Do

If a guy is really into you he wants to spend a lot of time with you and likes to do things together.  He’ll suggest activities he thinks you’ll enjoy, whether that’s seeing a concert, baking cookies, or having a picnic in the park.



#3. He Lights Up When You're Around 

When a guy is really into you his whole face and personality will brighten up when you’re around. He’ll seem happier and livelier. If he smiles and laughs more when you’re around he’s into you.  If he’s sullen or morose, that’s not a good sign. Usually his friends will say things like "He seems so much happier when you're around". 


#4.  He Texts or Calls Regularly.

If he’s into you, he will be texting you or calling you every day, or even multiple times a day.  If you text him or leave a message, and he takes his sweet time about responding, that’s a bad sign (see #1). Some people exchange 50 texts a day, because they love having that much of a connection. Don't get alarmed though some people are cool with less frequent chatting but if you've reached out over a couple of days to no response you should probably consider other options. If someone wants to see you they will make time for and reach outto you. 


#5. He Likes Your Stuff On Facebook

If he’s interested in you, he will like or comment on things you post on Facebook.  If he’s REALLY into you, you’ll find his comments on a picture you posted two years ago. That means he likes you enough that he’s been going through your old photos and doing a little bit of investigative discovery. If he starts tagging you in posts and writing on your wall that's taking it to the next level. Men are territorial and he wants everyone else to know he's hanging around & proud of it! It also means he doesn't care which other girls on his social media might see it.


#6. He Watches You Every Now & Then

This isn’t in a freaky peeping tom kind of way, but just a glance out of the corner of his eye when he thinks you’re not looking.  If you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie and your catch a stray glance in your direction its is a good sign.


#7. He Gives You Sincere Compliments

Any guy in a bar can tell you what beautiful eyes you have.  The clue is if your man gives you personal, thoughtful compliments, that really reflect who you are. Of course, it’s nice to receive pretty much any compliment, but when it’s  more meaningful it shows that he really knows something about you .


I know we said 7 but hey its our site so here's #8 that goes both ways 


It’s exciting when you’re together. When you have the right spark with somebody, all of your time together takes on a special kind of energy.  You’re both enthralled and interested, and every conversation seems to be at a different level.  When you’ve got this connection going, he’s definitely really into you

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