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Is Your Crush Flirting Or Being Nice?

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Little signs show up in conversation, but if you choose to ignore them or aren’t looking for them, you’re going to miss them every time.
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Crush Flirting vs Friendship

Crush Flirting

So, you really like this guy, you hope he feels the same way. Be careful, you don’t want to misread his kindness or friendship. Then, there’s the opposite sex friendship. He is the absolute BEST friend that anyone could ask for. All you want to do is spend all the time you can with him. Then, there’s the big question.

Do you want to take the chance of messing up that friendship?

There are some people that have a flirtatious personality and might not even realize it. So, be sure that you think all these things out before acting on them. Remember, it’s easier to take your time and verify your crush flirting than it is to get your big foot out of your mouth. Embarrassment is NEVER good!

Crush Friendship

There are definite signs where you don’t have to question if it’s flirting. The most obvious, of course, if he comes right out and asks for a date. If he makes it clear to you that he is single, that’s not just general conversation. If he compliments you a lot more than normal, he’s probably trying to tell you that he likes the way you look for a reason. When he asks for your number, I’m pretty sure that he isn’t going to call just to ask about the weather. Pay close attention to how he talks to other girls, is your crush flirting with them?  If your conversation is totally different and you notice a completely different tone in his voice with you, then you can take that one to the bank, he’s definitely flirting with you.  

Crush Flirting Checklist

  • Do you find that he always seems to be taking care of you?
  • He buys you something and says that he just had to get it because it reminded him of you.
  • Does he downgrade your guy friends or you notice that he seems jealous when they are around?
  • If you notice that he is smiling when he’s around you, it’s pretty obvious there’s something to that.
  • Do you sometimes feel that he’s staring at you,
  • When you look over at him, he winks? Something tells me that Mr. Sandman hasn’t been around putting sand in his eye.
  • If you find that he always seems clumsy around you, pretty sure you make him nervous.
  • The most definite crush flirting sign is when you’re in the middle of conversation, make eye contact, he stops in mid sentence, then can’t remember what in the world he was talking about.

Your Crush Is Flirting But Taken

It’s definitely just being nice and friendly if you already know that he is taken. If, during your conversation, there seems to be a lot of disagreement, and conversations are short. When it’s pretty obvious that you need help with something and he pretends to not see it. Does he seem like the busiest guy on Earth? Every time you suggest doing something together, he always has other plans. Watch those old signs, I promise you’ll know which way to let your heart go.

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