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How to Date Your Crush

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Jessica Kohl on July 25, 2014 - 9:55 pm in Dating Tips

Having a new crush is the most exciting thing, but there is also the risk of quickly losing it because things don’t go very well on your first dates. You've managed to catch their attention and generate enough interest to date your crush. It’s time to detach for a little bit and soberly estimate your next steps. 

Plan The Date

You should talk and get to know each other’s preferences on music, film, food, hobbies etc. Realize what you have in common and you can plan your next date at the movies, in a pub or at a concert. During activities the stress is minimized because you can’t get bored and you do the things you both like. Scheduling things will create a romantic tension and you will both look forward to the date, also having time to prepare for it. 

Show Interest

Talking and using your phone for who knows what is very common nowadays, but how much disrespect does it show? Be present while on date and forget about everything else. First dates should not be very long, so you have no excuse to be impatient. Never act as if you are doing your crush a favor for seeing him/her. Arrogance is not appreciated. 

Dress Appropriately

Relationship experts agree that women should not be too sexy on the first dates. Equally, a man needs to be trimmed and avoid sporty clothes/sweats. By dressing with casual class you can’t go wrong, at least until you get to know each other better. Showing too much exuberance from the beginning can be scary. 

Come Prepared

If you're unemployed or are in the middle of some unpleasant problems, prepare some diplomatic answers to inevitable questions like ‘what do you do for a living?’, ‘what do your parents do?’ etc. Never dramatize your life or make half-an-hour monologues. Keep it light, answer broadly and then ask them more questions. Get them talking about themselves and they will think you are the most interesting person in the world. 

Ask Intelligent Questions

By that we mean not starting conversations like ‘how many kids do you want?’, ‘do you believe in love?’, ‘how jealous are you?’ The right questions are: ‘what does you name signify?’, ‘do you have any pets?’, ‘how do you spend your free time?’, ‘what places would you like to visit?’, ‘what is your favorite movie?’ 

Don’t Be Shy

Shyness can be a big impediment these days. People are more and more independent and modern, so they need adventurous and exciting partners. If you notice your crush to be a very energetic person, try to hide your timidity and keep up, otherwise you might seem boring or unsuitable. 

Control Your Humor

Of course, a good sense of humor is crucial; it is more important than looks and money in most cases. However, a tone full of sarcasm and irony can be a problem. Your friends might like it, but it is tricky with someone who does not know you yet. Your crush can feel mocked at, so temper your sense of humor.

Mind The Location

When you date your crush, don’t go to your regular spots where your friends might be. That could lead to embarrassing situations, because even if you censor yourself, your friends will not. Go to a new place that you both agree on. 



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