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What Your Favorite App Says About You

The best thing about smart phones is the enormous selection of apps available for them. Everybody has their favorite apps. What do yours say about you?
Jessica Kohl on April 30, 2014 - 9:45 pm in Entertainment

The best thing about smart phones is the enormous selection of apps available for them. From helpful utilities, to social networking, to music, to games, these apps can keep us happily diverted for hours at a time. Everybody has their favorite apps. What is your favorite, and what does that say about you?



We all know people are visual, right?  Well, Instagrammers must be the most visual of all, since they view everything around them in terms of photos, filters, and posts. If you’re a true fan, you know the perfect filter to use for different types of shots, though of course it’s always fun to experiment, too. You’re thrilled when total strangers like your photos, and #ThrowbackThursdays are the highlight of your week.



If Twitter is your favorite app, then you are one of those people who wants to stay in touch all the time. You like to let everybody know what you’re doing, whether you’re sitting in class or waiting for a flight to Timbuktu. It’s all fodder for Twitter. You are especially proud of your witty use of hashtags, and when people retweet you, it can make your day.


Words With Friends

You love technology, but you are a bit old-school under the surface. You probably grew up playing Scrabble, the board game, and do crossword puzzles for fun, too. You are one of those people who believe that having a big vocabulary is an advantage, and this is the game to prove it. You like playing against a real person instead of just a nameless computer opponent, because it gives you a certain sense of joy when you win.



If your favorite app is your Mail or Gmail, then you must be a workaholic.  You are one of those rare people who don’t while away the hours on your phone playing silly games, or browsing Instagram shots from some person in Idaho that you don’t even know.  No, for you, this phone is a productivity tool.  You’re an important person, with things to do - no time for games!


Temple Run

This popular app is a sure favorite with secret adventure seekers. Your favorite movie is probably one with Indiana Jones, and you would love nothing more than to be a globe-trotting, temple-robbing, archaeologist adventurer. This game lets you play out that fantasy to your heart’s desire. Maybe one of these days, you’ll move up to real life adventures, but in the meantime, this will keep the blood pumping.



Vine is for people who don’t have the attention span to watch a whole YouTube video. You know who you are. Those lengthy 2-minute videos are just too tedious. Why couldn’t they compress it into a nice short segment, like maybe 6 seconds? When every video is a mere 6 seconds, it lets you skim through dozens, or even hundreds, while you’re waiting for that dentist appointment. You may not find any deep insights or inspirations, but it is endlessly entertaining.


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