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How To Handle Your Crush On A Coworker

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They say that in love, like in war, all is fair; it can appear anytime, anywhere, but what happens when it ‘strikes’ us at work and we develop a crush on a coworker?
Jessica Kohl on August 8, 2014 - 8:56 pm in Relationship Advice, Uncategorized

They say that in love, like in war, everything is permitted; it can appear anytime, anywhere, but what happens when it ‘strikes’ us at work and we develop a crush on a coworker? Can we still delimit our personal life from the professional one? Isn’t the quality of our work affected? Relations between coworkers are usually considered as breaking the ethics; there are many companies that even forbid relationships between employees. They always make a delicate and taboo issue. Still, many people find love at the workplace, and this is how such a relationship can be maintained:

He/She Is Not Your Boss

You will never be respected or appreciated by your colleagues if you are the one who has a crush on the boss. No matter how sincere and true your love is, people around you will surely backbite and make malicious remarks about you. If you really want your boss to be your lover, the fairest thing to do is to find a new workplace and then start your desired relationship.

Do You Risk Getting Fired?

Before getting involved, study the company’s internal regulation. If it explicitly forbids relationships between coworkers, you have to choose between ignoring the settling and being fired, leaving by yourself or taking it into consideration. So, try to get to know your coworker a little better and make sure this new relationship is more important than your job. 

You Know How To Differentiate Between Coworker &  Lover

When you are at the workplace, you must act as such. At the office you are coworkers and in the spare time you are lovers. Unless you wish to be despised by all your other colleagues. Also, relationship conversations and romantic gestures happen at home, not in front of your colleagues.

You’ve Made A Plan

In case you will ever break up. You have sober estimated the future and made a plan about what is going to happen when the relationship ends and you two still work together. It’s not worth letting your bosses and colleagues know about your relationship, unless it is becoming a serious one. Until then, it is better to avoid flirting and be very discrete. When things settle, first announce your superiors; you don’t want them to be the last to know.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Daily interaction for at least 8 hours permits you to get to know the other a lot better than in normal circumstances. Disadvantages, unfortunately, come up in more forms: the others’ envy and gossip, difficulty of separating things, the impossibility of maintaining a professional relation when the crush is over, the idea of quitting the job.

What’s certain is that no one can oppose love, regardless its form. A crush on your coworker comes with benefits and with drawbacks. Like in any other case, a relationship started at work will finalize through marriage, or through breakup, and you need to be aware of both possibilities before going any further. Efficient work does not only mean numbers and negotiations. It has a lot to do with inter-human relations, so it is important that you get along well with all coworkers and still go to work with pleasure.

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