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When Is It Okay To Get Comfortable In A Relationship

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5 Signs To Check That Your Not Too Comfortable In Your Relationship.
Jessica Kohl on April 14, 2014 - 9:01 pm in Relationship Advice

It’s good to be comfortable in a relationship. It certainly beats being uncomfortable. However, it is possible to take things too far. There is such a thing as being too comfortable in your relationship. If you’ve reached that state, then it might be time to pull back a bit and spice things up more with your partner. Here are some signs you can use to tell you when it’s OK to get comfortable in your relationship.

1. How Are Your Manners?  

At the start of a relationship, usually everyone is on their best behavior, with politeness and courtesy at the forefront. After all, you don’t want your new love to think you’re a lout, right?  After some time, though, the manners can fall away. People start reverting to their old habits, like licking the spoon or leaving dirty socks on the floor. While it is good to be comfortable enough to be yourself, it’s also good to retain some of the niceties.


2. Can You Read Your Partner’s Moods?

When you have been with someone awhile, you start to notice their little tells. You know the expression they make when they’re feeling stressed, or the way their voice lifts when they’re in a good mood. You learn how to read those signs, and what to say in different circumstances, or when it’s good to give them a little space. When you can read their moods, it is a sure sign that you are getting more comfortable in your relationship.


3. Do You Need More Personal Time?  

Sometimes when a relationship has entered a comfortable phase, you find yourself spending almost all of your time with your partner. While it is great that you enjoy so much time together, this can sometimes be a problem for one partner in the relationship. If you find yourself wishing for more personal time alone, then find a away to carve a little of that time out for yourself. If they love you, they won’t mind.


4. Do You Still Get And Give Compliments?  

Early in a relationship, there are usually a lot of compliments flying. Whenever you see the person, they comment on how good you look, or how well you did something. Once you have been together for months or years, the compliments usually start tapering off. After all, you probably don’t need to hear how good your hair looks every day of the week. The more comfortable the relationship gets, the fewer compliments you are likely to hear. And that’s a shame, because who doesn’t like getting a heartfelt compliment?  

5. Do You Know When To Leave Them Alone?  

If you know your partner really well, you can probably tell in some situations that it’s just better to leave them alone for awhile. For instance, when you hear a string of curses issuing from the other room as they try to get the new network set up, that may be a good time to stay out of their way. This level of knowledge is a sure sign that you are getting comfortable in the relationship, and it is a wonderful thing.


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