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How To Save A Relationship

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If you are fighting more than loving, or feel alone even when you are together, it’s time to sit back , take a relationship inventory, and figure out how to save it from a downward spiral.
Jessica Kohl on June 18, 2014 - 4:47 pm in Relationship Advice

If you and your significant other start fussing more than loving, or you feel alone even when you are with that person, it’s time to sit back and do an inventory on your relationship. Sometimes, it becomes habit to go through the motions of everyday life together. “I Love You” can just be words, doesn’t mean it comes from the heart. The first thing that has to be done is to open up that line of communication with each other. Find out if your partner feels the same way that you do.  


Relationships are Susceptible to Failure

There are many reasons why a relationship fails. Did one of you cheat? Is your mind more on work than your partner? Do the two of you ever have alone time? Do you put all of your attention on the kids and not enough on each other? All relationships can be fixed if the love is still there and the problem is caught in time. The worst thing that you can do is to ignore the problem or keep it bottled up inside.

Only the two of you know how you truly feel and nobody can fix it except the two in the relationship. Stop and ask yourself if you see your partner in your future. Could you stand seeing your partner with someone else if you choose to give up on your relationship? If one of you cheated, can it be forgiven? Infidelity hurts and it hurts deep.

Dealing with Infidelity

If you stay together, can it be put out of your mind? Every time you look at each other, kiss, or make love, will you always wonder if it was you that your partner is thinking of, or is it the person that was cheated with? Will you always wonder if the fling is really over? Is it set in your mind, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”? There’s no doubt that this is a major test of the love that you have for each other. It will take a long time to get past all of these feelings, but once again, only you know your true feelings.

Possibly, as fast paced as the world is today, you just took your relationship for granted and the two of you just grew apart. It seems that in these hard times, in most cases, both people have to work just to make ends meet. Did one, or both of you, put all of your time and energy into climbing that corporate ladder and not stop to consider what it’s doing to your relationship? There’s one thing for sure, if the constant fussing has turned physical and someone gets hit, slapped, or beaten, get out NOW!  With this going on, there’s no helping this situation.

All that can truly can be done is to talk it out, decide your true feelings, and if the two of you decide that the love is still there, put your all into fixing whatever the problem is. One of you can’t fix it, I’m sure that it didn’t take one to get the relationship where it is, so it’s gonna take both of you to work on what is left and make it new again. Once this happens, you will feel the difference when you say “I Love You”. Hopefully, you’ll have those butterflies and that fuzzy feeling again. That’s when you’ll know the words truly came from the heart.

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